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Luxury Ski Properties at its best

Top 8 Luxury Ski Hotels in Asia | Ski AsiaThe advantages and disadvantages of investing in ski properties for sale. Ski properties provide investors with a unique opportunity to own a piece of property that is not only enjoyed by their family, but also provides a great asset. For starters, this isn’t just a skiing market; it’s also a winter sports market. Other alternative options like renting the property, selling it as an apartment block, or developing it into a holiday resort can also be just as lucrative, but you have to really decide on your strategy before you get started. I strongly suggest you visit next to learn more about this.

Park City, Utah is one of the most popular ski destinations around. Not only are there countless ski slopes to explore, there’s also plenty of luxurious resorts for tourists and residents alike. In addition to its vast ski slopes, Park City is also home to over 500 shops, restaurants and bars. Of course, you can’t talk about Utah ski properties without mentioning the Park City Mountain Resort. Here, visitors can enjoy world-class dining, entertainment and shopping all within a short driving distance of their Park City home.

If you prefer luxury to seclusion, then Deer Valley Resort may be a better fit for you. Known as the “Beach Capital of the West”, this area is home to a multitude of world-class ski resorts and other accommodations. While Deer Valley is more family-oriented than Park City, it’s no less enjoyable for winter lovers. Whether you want a family ski vacation or an intimate getaway with your spouse, you’ll have plenty of choices in this area.

Another popular winter destination for families is Breckenridge. Once known as a hunting and logging town, Breckenridge now draws an estimated 40 million visitors each year. With an abundance of luxury ski properties, shopping and restaurants, Breckenridge is one of the best places for a family skiing vacation. The entire area is easily accessible from Salt Lake City, Denver and other points west. Because Breckenridge is considered one of the “living’ locations” of the Rocky Mountains, you can expect up to 60 mph winters.

A top attraction during the off-season is Aspen. Once a winter retreat for mining engineers, entrepreneurs and celebrities, Aspen is now a top mountain resort with an extensive range of winter activities. Although the majority of Aspen ski properties are not private, they are still close enough to other amenities that families with children can spend time together without feeling crowded. There are also several parks located within walking distance of Aspen’s ski property, which offer hours of outdoor fun. A second home in Aspen is sure to be worth every penny spent.

Another favorite location for upscale ski properties is Vail. Like Aspen, many of Vail’s ski resorts are not formally private, but the vast majority of them are close enough to other lodging options that families can spend time together. Many top ski resorts are within a few miles of Vail itself, making it possible to spend time both skiing and relaxing at the same place. If you want to experience the best Vail is offering, a second home in Vail is sure to be worth the investment.

While there are plenty of top-quality ski properties in Colorado, the real draw is Vail. The mountains are second only to Alaska when it comes to sheer grandeur, making Vail one of the top destinations in America. A Vail ski resort offers something for everyone: world class entertainment, spectacular scenery and friendly, outgoing staff. Because Vail is so popular, many tourists visit annually, many of them on ski vacations. Buying luxury ski properties in Vail is an excellent choice for a second home or vacation rental.

If you want to escape the crowds and truly feel like you’ve hit the slopes, there are some great Vail ski property options available. Vail vacation rentals are among the nicest ski property accommodations around, allowing you the freedom and flexibility you get from staying in a conventional lodge, while still allowing you easy access to the slopes. These rentals are perfect for families or groups planning to take a trip to Vail, as they provide ample room to let out your skis and relax in front of the fireplace. For these and other reasons, Vail is a perfect destination for luxurious skiing at affordable prices.